Cool People: Blu Noise

During the my year in LA, I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful person and dear friend, Ziion. He is a talented musician who recently started a band, Blu Noise! The members come from very different musical backgrounds and each came to Los Angeles to attend the Musicians Institute. They come together to create a very unique sound and are experiencing great success in their short time together.  It is my pleasure to introduce them to the world of Unexpected Magick, so that you all can say you knew them when it all started! So Ladies and Gentlemen, the next big thing in Music: BLU NOISE!!!

Blu Noise

*Unexpected Magick: SO first question, Who are you? !

Ziion: I am an openly gay singer from San Diego, Ca. I grew up singing at church. I moved to LA two years ago to pursue a career in music. 

Leland: I’m from Sitka, Alaska. I picked up the drums after playing trumpet in high school. I moved to LA a year and a half ago to attend Musician’s Institute. 

Matt: I’m from Tacoma, Washington. I came to Musician’s Institute a year and a half ago. I started playing guitar when I was thirteen, to get girls LOL

Caroline: HI! I’m from Baltimore Maryland. I moved to LA 3 months ago to come to Musicians Institute. I started playing bass when I was 14. I played upright bass in middle school. 

*Unexpected Magick: What kind of music do you make? Why?

We play a mix of R&B, Rock, and Soul. Ziion is a soul, R&B singer, Matt comes from a Metal back ground, Caroline and Leland come from a more Punk background. We combined our styles and influences to create a new sound. Our goal is to cross planes with our sound and have people that like Rock, Pop, Soul, and R&B music come together for some Blu Noise.

*Unexpected Magick: Who inspires you? Artists/bands? Why?

We all have different inspirations. Prince, Beyonce, James Jamerson, Death from above 1979, Periphy, Autograph, Green Day, and Blink 182.  When we play, the biggest rush is seeing people grooving and loving our music. It makes us want to work harder.

*Unexpected Magick:What kind of image do you want to put out to the world? What do you stand for?

Our image is eclectic. We are so diverse, we stand out in a crowd. We don’t only stand for the rights of the LGBT community but for all people. Our aim is to ignite a spark in the voice of the voiceless, enlighten minds, and open hearts. We want each of our personal styles to stand out. The funny thing is it all works.

Blu Noise

*Unexpected Magick: What’s your inspiration? Where do you draw from?

We draw from the struggles of our past. Whether it be from feeling unaccepted, bullied, or discriminated against for being who we are. Our hope is for anyone that has felt the way we have in the past to hear our message and feel great about who they are regardless of what others say and do to them.


*Unexpected Magick: What’s your creative process?

A lot of people ask artists what their creative process is and we’ve learned that [for us] there is no creative process. The best creative experience happens in the moment. It’s not forced or structured, it just happens. 


*Unexpected Magick: What kind of work have you put out there? CD’s? Music Videos? Performances?

We have done a lot of shows, from when we were the featured act in an open mic venue called Outspoken sessions to a few LGBT events. We are fortunate to play at a lot of mainstream clubs like Angels and Kings. We played at the Key Club on January 31th, the Rainbow Room on February 6th, and at the DragonFly. We just got accepted in to the Rise Up and Shout show case on March 15th. We are working on our EP “War in a Place”. We released our first single “Soiree” on Jan. 31 and we will be filming our music video to it  in April.

*Unexpected Magick: What’s your most prized possession?

Ziion: My  most prized possessions are my brothers and sister in the band. 

Caroline: I would have to say it would be my bass. Everything else sux

Matt: My guitar rig is the most important thing to me.

Leland: I would say it’s my iPod and head phones. If i were stranded on an island, those things would keep my sane. 


Blu Noise 2

*Unexpected Magick: Favorite colors?

Caroline: Maroon 

Matt: Neon Green

Leland: Blue

Ziion: Red

*Unexpected Magick: If you could pick and go tomorrow, anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Caroline: I would go visit all of my friends, loved ones, and cats in Baltimore.

Leland: I would go back to Alaska. I love it there and I miss it everyday 

Ziion: Coachella. I vowed I would never go there until we played the festival. 

Matt: The Brazilian rainforest so I could see all the pretty birds.

*Unexpected Magick: Do any of you have any Words to live by?


Leland: You’re not being full of yourself if you’re actually really awesome….. kinda like me

Ziion: Peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learned, if your knowledge were your wealth then it would be

well earned.

~Erykah Badu

Matt: You only live once. “YOLOSWAG”


Soiree (Album Cover1)

There new single Soiree is available to download on:




CD Baby

Google Play


Check out the Blu Noise Facebook and Twitter pages to see what’s new the band!!

Check out the links below hear their music!!



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